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Hunan Satellite TV and Poly to perform the "Sound into the Heart" concert. The April tour opens.

2019/02/25 13:42
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Hundreds of days to chase light, and finally become a star!
2019 Hunan Satellite TV "Sound into the Heart"
Join hands with Poly
The same name concert spring tour
Shocking open!
Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Changsha, Shenzhen...
Top 15 theaters in the country
Hot member sing
 The sound of the waves is coming.
  "Sound into the Heart" is a new music variety show launched by Hunan Satellite TV, and it is also the first original vocal competition show in China. Under the leadership of three producers, Liao Changyong, Shang Wenyi and Liu Xianhua, the 36 young singers won six finalists and immediately won the national tour.
  In the program just broadcast, the final chief members were able to unveil the mystery. They were in the previous programs with a lot of singing power, Zheng Yunlong, Ayun, Gao Tianhe, Wang Kai, Tong Zhuo, Cai Chengyi 6 Players, and then they are about to embark on a national tour.
   As the most influential music variety show in 2018, the pioneering nature of "Sound into the Heart" is that it breaks through the single dimension of popular music, bringing the high-pitched and beautiful vocal singing into the eyes of ordinary audiences, for the young people who are used to popular songs. People have opened the door to the new world, and let the niche music break through the barriers to be accepted and loved by more people.