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Newsletter/Poly performances won two awards in the Chinese Drama Festival
Hunan Satellite TV and Poly to perform the "Sound into the Heart" concert. The April tour opens.
Poly helps the Forbidden City "Shangyuan Night" | The Forbidden City Night Scene
The first parent-child Arts Festival opens the new route of poly children's drama industry.
Original concert "ancient poetry Tong Yun" premiere Lei Jia Cai Guoqing joined the public interest
Beethoven's Guqin adventures opened the cultural crossing journey, causing the popularity of word of mouth.
"The little bit in the Imperial Palace" premiered successfully.
Cai Guoqing sang the theme song of "the little bit in the Imperial Palace" to help Pauli children's Art Festival.
Work together with "ancient poetry Tong Yun" team to launch poetry and theme repertoire to create a brand of Sinology culture.
Star edition "three sisters waiting for Godot" sealed box in September to lead the drama trend season.
Pauli performance to work together with Tencent to create 2 billion 200 million traffic IP paternity drama "bean dance music dra
Poly Show and China Youth Travel to Achieve a Strategic Cooperation Plan for the Deep Integration and Development of Cultural In
Baoli performance company signed an agreement on Performing Arts with the people's Government of Lhasa, Tibet.
Poly Performing and Tencent video reached IP cooperation and presented in China Cartoon Festiva
Nationwide tour performance of Lurking, the Drama, kicks off and tickets are difficult to get by
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