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Poly helps the Forbidden City "Shangyuan Night" | The Forbidden City Night Scene

2019/02/25 13:38
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At the beginning of the year, the National Palace Museum launched the "New Year's Eve - the Great Year in the Forbidden City" exhibition, which for the first time recreated the grand occasion of the New Year in the Forbidden City. Recently, the Palace Museum has renewed its efforts to introduce three “unprecedented” heavy experience activities to tourists. The building has been holding the lanterns for the first time in the past century; the first time to light up the ancient buildings of the Forbidden City at night; the “first time” was open to the public for free in the evening, creating a “pass in the Forbidden City”. The visual ambiguity of the New Year - Shangyuan Night, "lights the capital" in the first month. On the night of the ticket release, the ticket collection system of the Forbidden City was smashed several times. In the end, only a few lucky people won the rush to win the ticket, and the popularity was evident.
  For the first time, Poly participated in the "Shangyuan Night" lantern viewing event in the Forbidden City. In the Changying Pavilion of the Palace Museum, an immersive drama performance session was added to allow the audience to walk around the palace wall and enjoy the traditional opera culture. Experience with modern cutting-edge technology.
It is reported that Changying Pavilion was once the place where the Empress Dowager Cixi used to enjoy the drama. At the same time, it was also the place where President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan and the US President Trump who came to China for a state visit visited the performance of the National Peking Opera. There are four classic repertoires in this opera performance: "Day Girl Scattered Flowers", "Noisy Palace", "Drunkenness" and "Deep Night".
Poly and Guangfeng Technology had the privilege of joining forces with the Forbidden City to add a picture for "The New Year in the Forbidden City - Shangyuan Night" to "light up" the Forbidden City. Using the light peak ALPD® laser projection technology to achieve precise positioning, the main gate of the Forbidden City, the main gate of the palace, "Taihemen" as the projection "screen", together with the white marble steps in front of the Taihe Gate, and the left and right Zhaodemen and Yudumen, with a projected area of ​​nearly 3,000 square meters, is the largest projection show in the history of the "big screen."
The "Night of the Palace on the Night of the Forbidden City" will be a visually and audibly unique tour of the Lantern Festival. It will be integrated into traditional cultural performances, digital technology, open night scenes and other elements for the Palace Museum. It is also a brand new attempt to achieve innovative development.
As a performance organization focusing on original production, performance operation, and IP development, Poly Performance strives to protect the cooperation with the Forbidden City cultural and creative projects, and will continue to work on the development of related cultural and creative products in the future. More high quality, diverse cultural content.