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Newsletter/Poly performances won two awards in the Chinese Drama Festival

2019/02/25 13:47
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"Golden Broken" won the "Best Investor Award" in the 2nd Chinese Drama Festival
"Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" won the "Best Rehearsal Drama Award" in the 2nd Chinese Drama Festival
   On January 9th, the "Second Chinese Drama Festival" held a grand award ceremony in Guangzhou. More than 200 drama elites, experts and scholars from all over the country gathered in the 1987 film town to witness the final announcement of the award. The "Chinese Drama Festival" is China's first Chinese drama selection campaign that fully relies on the industry and truly roots in the market. It is to honor the Chinese drama boutique and the Chinese drama elite, to construct the Chinese drama performance market evaluation system, and to build a Chinese-speaking drama exchange. And the platform that was founded.
A total of 14 awards were set up at this year's drama festival. Among them, "Golden Broken" and "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" produced by Poly show stand out from many outstanding shortlisted works and won the "Best Investor Award" and respectively. "Best Rehearsal Repertory Award" two awards.
  Among them, "Golden Broken" was produced jointly by Poly Performance and Longma Club, and starred in "Electric Triangle" Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin. As a dramatic work with strong national style and regional characteristics, the play has successfully brought more audiences into the theater in a commercial way, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.
  "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" is an experimental drama produced by Poly Performance Co., Ltd., together with Beijing Fengshuo Fruit Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Poly Theatre, directed by Lin Zhaohua and starring Zhang Ruoxuan and Huang Wei. The play explores the new stage expression through the way of rehearsal, making the connotation of the play more distinct.
  The main team of "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" said that he hopes that this highly artistic work will not only be appreciated by small circles, but also can reach more audiences, and at the same time try to make the culture of the domestic mainstream drama market. The products are more diverse.
 I sincerely thank the Chinese-language drama festival for its recognition and support of the Poly performance. We also thank our partners Longmashe and Fengshuo for their efforts in these two works. I hope that we can continue to work together and create new achievements in the future. .