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  Beijing Baoli Performance Co., Ltd. is one of the pillar companies of the Poly Culture Industry. It is a national professional performance company and a cultural brokerage agency.

  Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the corporate principle of "honesty, fairness and fairness" and under the guidance of the "scale, specialization, and internationalization" strategy, with the business philosophy of unity, pragmatism, cooperation and win-win, and competitive differentiation strategy. Actively build a business model that meets its own characteristics, deepen the company’s core competitiveness, and establish an industrial structure based on “original production, performance and operation, organization and planning of large-scale events, and creative production.” Through unremitting exploration and practice , has developed into one of China's largest professional performance companies, and has a large-scale performance, large quantity, and high reputation. Since its establishment, it has successfully produced and launched the musical "Sanmao Rogue", "The Steel Piano", " Wang Er’s Long March, Humen’s Cigarettes, drama “Struggle”, “Silver Ingot Bridge”, “Disconnected Gold” and other original repertoires led and created the Poly Theatre for Children's Theatre - Little Poly's Creativity Theatre. Standard children's drama works, organized and operated including magician David Copperfield China tour, London Symphony Orchestra China tour; Singers Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys Beijing Concert and Mayday, Zhang Xinzhe, Yu Quan, Xu Wei and other first-line star concerts; Beijing International Music Festival, Beijing Pop Music Festival, Beijing Drama and Dance Season, “The Good Carnival” Various large-scale domestic and international performance projects including public welfare performances, planning, designing, and hosting large-scale cultural events including the 2008 Beijing Olympics Olympic Park, the opening ceremony of the Luoyang Peony Festival, the closing ceremony of the 11th National Games, and the 26th A number of international and national events including the opening and closing ceremonies of the World University Games have won national awards such as the Zeng Ronghua Wenhua Award and the China Arts Festival, which have achieved both good economic and social benefits and established excellent Corporate image and brand reputation.

Company Profile