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Pauli performance to work together with Tencent to create 2 billion 200 million traffic IP paternity drama "bean dance music dra

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2018/09/10 14:55
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  "Adventures of the Time Kingdom of the Bean Music Stage Drama" by Poly Performance Co., Ltd. and Tencent Video will be launched on August 7 and 8 in the summer season at Beijing Poly Theatre to meet with parents and children.

  What is the adventures of the kingdom of time in bean dance?

  "Bean Music Children's Song" is the blockbuster IP of the original Parent-Child Art Festival of Poly. It has been broadcasted solo on Tencent video since March, 2017. It has more than 2.2 billion broadcasts and is loved by parents and children. Each episode is an "instant playable" game in which parents pick up things around them and turn them into game props to play with their children.

  Do you neglect to accompany your children because of your busy work? The first parent-child Arts Festival provides a great opportunity for you to spend the summer holidays with your children. Among them, The Adventures of the Time Kingdom in the Pea Music Stage Opera is a perfect combination of immersive interactive experience and aesthetic education, which makes your children feel happy while watching the performance, and also cultivates their perception of the beautiful things. With appreciation, we slowly understand why we treasure time and why we need to know how to love and share.

  Why should we take the children to watch the time of the kingdom of bean dance?

  - wonderful fantasy scenes -

  This time the Doula family formed an adventure team to explore the mystery of time in the magical realm of time. Through a joyful and exciting journey through life, it seems that everyone's attitude towards life has changed. Let friends know why we should cherish time, how the children's time is made up, and how to use it reasonably? Let's find the answer in the play.

  - pleasant interactive experience -

  When you see beautiful seagulls, naughty penguins, cheerful little frogs, flying bee heads around you. Are you going to scream with joy? Yes! They will come to you with surprise, accompany you to find "time fragments" to complete the task of breaking through customs, I hope you can become good friends in the "kingdom of time".

  - beautiful visual effects -

  The adventure will take you from tropical beaches to snow-capped glaciers, from mysterious forests to flowering groves, as if you were taking your children on a fantastic trip around the world. At the same time, you usually see in the screen of the Doula family, will really stand in front of the audience, with bright and colorful clothes, take you into the nearest Doula fantasy kingdom.

  - the icing on the cake of original nursery rhymes -

  In this adventure of the time kingdom, the original classical children's song will be dedicated to you all, in addition to the catchy pea music children's song, we also create more than ten different styles of original songs, singing, laughter, so that children wander in the ocean of music joy.

  In addition to this time and space magic mystery of the "Pea Music Stage Opera Adventures of the Kingdom of Time," Poly's performances will be in this summer to launch a number of interesting, interactive, educational and original parent-child drama, in the hot summer for you to create the first Poly original parent-child art festival. The repertoire will be opened in the near future, focusing on the "Poly Performance" Wechat public, the first time to obtain the full performance information of this Parent-Child Art Festival, small edition will continue to provide you with the most authoritative and fresh repertoire information. This summer vacation, poly performance will explode with you!

  Performance information

  The drama of "the kingdom of time" in the family drama

  Performance time: August 7, 2018 - 8, 19:30

  Venue: Poly theatre, Beijing