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Star edition "three sisters waiting for Godot" sealed box in September to lead the drama trend season.

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2018/09/10 14:58
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  Directed by Lin Zhaohua and led by Zhang Ruoyun and Huang Lu, the play "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" will be staged five times in Beijing Poly Theatre from September 20 to 24, 2018, and will reap nearly a million box office results on its opening day.

  "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" is a joint production of Poly Performing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Fengshuo Fruit Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Poly Theatre. It is an experimental drama created 20 years ago by Lin Zhaohua, a master of drama, and it was premiered in the Capital Theatre. At that time, writer Yu Hua praised the play as "surprising and delightful to put Chekhov's melancholy beauty and Beckett's sad vulgarity on the same stage and at the same time".

  Following the debut of Shanghai at the end of the year, the three sisters waiting for Godot have been touring 60 cities in 44 cities across the country. After the five performances in Beijing, the play will be temporarily sealed.

  Three sisters + waiting for Godot

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  Lin Zhaohua's Experimental Drama Classics!

  He is the director of the Beijing People's Art Theatre's "Wotou Guild Hall" which is a hard-won signature opera. Under his leadership are Pu Cunxin, He Bing, Song Dandan and Xu Fan. He is also the leader of contemporary experimental drama in China. In 1982, he directed Gao Xingjian's play Absolute Signal, which is regarded as the beginning of the Chinese small theater drama movement. Today, at the age of eight, he continues to introduce new works every year.

  He is Lin Zhaohua, the industry's honorific title "big guide".

  For Lin Zhaohua, who is the author of this work, it is self-evident that he chose to reproduce "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot" on the stage after 20 years.

  In 1998, Lin Zhaohua, who was ill and admitted to hospital, had a sudden fantasy while waiting for his illness to heal. He made a post-modern collage between Chekhov's and Beckett's masterpieces The Three Sisters and Waiting for Godot, thus making this epoch-making experimental drama classic.

  The three sisters in Chekhov's small town are waiting to return to the metropolis Moscow.

  Beckett's two tramps were waiting for a man named Godot.

  The three sisters have 10000 reasons to go to Moscow, but no one has ever really started.

  Two tramps also have 10000 reasons to leave, but they always stay where they are.

  In Lin Zhaohua's play, Yi Liming designs the stage as an "isolated island in the water". The three sisters live on the isolated island, and the actors feel the agony of waiting with their sculptural static performance. Under the trees outside the island, two tramps interrogate, play, and the absurdity of life is magnified infinitely.

  They live in their own plots, but in undifferentiated time, under the eternal theme of "waiting". When the lines are interlaced, a chemical reaction like electric flint appears.

  Elina, the little sister in the three sisters, shouted, "to Moscow!" Go to Moscow! Go to Moscow! " In the waiting Godot, Vladimir immediately took the trouble: "stop talking empty words and waste time!" Take advantage of this opportunity to do something. "

  Lin Zhaohua writes about the "hopeless hope" in his life with the superb stage art of "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot".

  Zhang Ruoyun and Huang Lu deduce "hopeless love".

  Pu Cunxin, one of the leading actors in the 98 edition of "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot," once said that the play was "a bold and adventurous stage creation by Lin Zhaohua. He has to test himself, our actors and of course the audience." Pu Cunxin's two characters, Vladimir and Versinin, are very challenging. They not only have the most lines, but also have a great contrast. "Vladimir" in "Waiting for Godot" is a relaxed, humorous, sometimes deep tramp, while "Wilshining" in "Three Sisters" is a depressed middle-aged man in the mud of life.

  This round of Beijing performances, has starred in "Blind Mountain", "Massage", "A Yellow Bird", has the reputation of "Goddess of Literature and Art Film" Huang Lu, will be a new addition to the "Three Sisters waiting for Godot" lineup, as "Martha".

  Last year in The Birth of the Actor, Huang Lu acted as a rural woman in "Dear" with a "cosmetic" performance. Lin Zhaohua, a great conductor, has always praised "no performance." This new combination is a bit in tune.

  Before Huang Lu, Chen Jin, the 98-edition Martha, played a restrained intellectual woman, while this tour version of "Martha", the post-90s actress Zhou Qingyun, endowed the role with a beautiful young girl Huaichun. How will Huang Lu's version of Martha and her cooperation with Da Dao and Zhang Ruoyun react?

  Huang Lu was also excited about her coming to play, saying that she was the kind of actor who "the more people, the more excited, the better the performance." The tension and excitement on the spot was a great test, but also brought new sparks to the performance. "The old version of Martha is introverted. This director is going to make me crazy and let go."

  Speaking of the rival actor Zhang Ruoyun, Huang Lu also said, "I know he is a very good actor, can give up high pay to rehearse a drama, I think he is a special artistic pursuit of the people, looking forward to working with him."

  What's the new flavor of classical theatrical mix-and-match avant-garde play and the new generation of actors being taught by theatrical masters? This autumn September, the stage of poly theatre in Beijing is clear.

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