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The first parent-child Arts Festival opens the new route of poly children's drama industry.

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2018/09/10 15:16
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  In today's era, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, raising children should not only give them a rich material life, but also guide them in aesthetic education. Under such a premise, the market demand for parent-child activities emerges as the times require, and is occupying an unshakable position in the market with a scale of trillions.

  The parent child industry is involved in various enterprises, across schools, educational institutions, tourism, arts and other fields. According to authoritative data, parents of post-80s generation have the right to speak about parent-child education, and families with annual income of 100,000-1 million yuan have a higher degree of participation. Children aged 3-12 have a more diverse and more frequent demand for parent-child activities. Regionally, the first-tier cities are mainly north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, followed by second-tier cities such as Hangzhou and Nanjing. By the end of 2018, the scale of parent child industry was 3 trillion.

  In the face of such a market environment, the parent-child performance market has opened up a new path to complete the surpassing of the traditional drama market, becoming the segment market with the largest audience in the performance industry. Parent-child performance has also become the most popular choice of young parents with a certain economic strength, focusing on the aesthetic education of their children.

  Poly's performance will be the starting point of the Poly Parent-Child Art Festival in 2018, August 3 - 12 in the summer, elaborately produced "Little Point in the Palace Museum", "Beethoven's Guqin Adventures", "Pea Music Stage Drama Adventures of the Kingdom of Time", "Energy Chamber", "Ancient Poetry and Children's Rhyme" five original IP repertoires, gathered in China. Outside the top children's drama experts, for the audience to create a splendid parent-child art carnival.

  The first Poly Parent-Child Art Festival adheres to the principle of "interactive experience" and "children's aesthetic education". With "parent-child drama performance" and "art activities" as the carrier, it has joined Tencent video, Penguin film and television, Qihu 360, China Youth Travel Network and other top 10 domestic brand organizations to try more diversified cooperation mode. For example, the first Poly Parent-Child Art Festival was jointly extended to various fields with Tencent Video's strong cooperation in IP incubation and business promotion, with Qihu 360 children's offline activities, and China Youth Travel Network's artistic tour to establish a combination of theatre art and tourism industry.

  In addition to creating a diversified cross-border art experience with front-line brand organizations, we also joined dozens of online media such as Sina, Sohu, Phoenix, Tencent, and a large number of high-quality drama and parent-child self-Media camps to broadcast the festival's grand occasion in the first place. The major media responded enthusiastically, attracting more audience attention to the "Poly parent-child art festival" at the same time, will continue to ferment the influence of the festival.

  At the same time, in addition to performing parent-child drama at Beijing Poly Theatre, the festival also set up branch venues in two West Sieve bookstores in Beijing - "West Sieve Bookstore Art Experience Salon", inviting the most authoritative drama artists in the field of parent-child drama creation, and held four new salon sharing activities. In addition, according to the characteristics of different plays, we set up the "love drama, increase wisdom" as the theme of parent-child master class, so that the festival not only becomes the carrier of parent-child drama creation, but also as a platform to promote the exchange and development of parent-child drama at home and abroad, so that audiences can feel the charm of the drama more deeply, so that "teaching in music" art. Education concept is more and more popular.

  As the final repertoire of the festival, the original concert of "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry" was performed by Zhao Jiping, honorary chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, and Zhao Lin, a famous composer, as art director. The theme of the concert was "Children's Rhyme Singing Ancient Poetry, Music Singing Classics", with famous singers Lei Jia, Cai Guoqing, Wang Lida, Yu Yueyue and "Poly". The Troupe of Ancient Poetry and Children's Rhyme performed on the same stage, enjoyed the ancient poems and sang songs together, which not only became a highlight of the festival, but also received strong support from the government. Zhang Yutai, executive deputy director of China Concern for the Next Generation Work Committee, said: "Children's Rhyme in Ancient Poetry is a creative transformation and innovative development of inheriting excellent Chinese culture. Such a good work should be brought into the campus, classrooms and textbooks as soon as possible, and the traditional culture and aesthetic education of children should be strengthened."

  The year 2018 is the first year of the "Poly Parent-Child Art Festival". With its strong ability to integrate original production and performing arts resources, Poly performances focus on the content and quality of activities, providing a broad stage for the performance of high-quality children's drama. At the same time, relying on years of good reputation and large-scale audience, the first Poly parent-child Art Festival has achieved good social and economic benefits. In the future, Poly performances will continue to take this as the cornerstone to further promote the development of parent-child drama, strive to make the "Poly Parent-child Art Festival" into a well-known brand of parent-child drama in China and even the world, to provide more parent-child families with high-quality original repertoire, and to promote the healthy growth of young people's artistic and cultural environment.