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Original concert "ancient poetry Tong Yun" premiere Lei Jia Cai Guoqing joined the public interest

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2018/09/10 15:15
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  Yesterday, the original concert of "Old Poetry and Children's Rhyme" jointly launched by Poly and Chengqiao Culture premiered at the Poly Theatre in Beijing. The performance was successful and won unanimous acclaim from the audience. At the same time, the first poly child Arts Festival was also successfully concluded.

  "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry" is a series of children's ancient poems and songs composed by Zhao Jiping, honorary chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association and Zhao Lin, a famous composer. We are committed to inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture and creating ancient songs and songs suitable for contemporary children.

  The original concert is the first public performance of the series of original works of "Old Poetry and Children's Rhyme". The chorus is composed of "Paulie Old Poetry and Children's Rhyme Art Troupe" and "Dongcheng Children's Palace Choir". With the singing of a poem of "Long Singing", the performance officially begins. The children of the choir sing with the sound of nature. Time is fleeting, and young people should strive for upward spirit. Subsequently, the chorus of "Home to the Garden and Countryside" and "Tian Jing Sha Qiu Si" perfectly shows the style of "children singing ancient poems, music singing classics".

  On the basis of the traditional concert, the original concert of "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry" adds a relaxed and lively host element. In the form of a music salon, the host, guests, artists and the choir are linked together to enjoy the ancient poems and sing together. Let the children get the influence of beauty, but also join the creation of beauty.

  The famous host of CCTV, Sister Moon, led the audience to sing classical poems and praise classics. The well-known singers Lei Jia, Cai Guoqing, Wang Lida, Yu Yue and so on also attended the performance with the children. In the meantime, the composer, Mr. Zhao Lin, composes an ancient poem written in brush before the audience enters the stadium. Then, the singer, Lei Jia, performs it on the spot. The beautiful artistic conception of Wang Wei's poem Painting is conveyed to the audience with beautiful melodies, showing how the works of "ancient poems and children's rhyme" are produced.

  As a treasure of Chinese aesthetics, ancient poetry is the condensation and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. In the new historical era, children should study ancient poetry seriously, inspire the inspiration of beauty, cultivate the understanding and feeling of beauty, and cultivate the aesthetic ability.

  The successful performance of the original concert of "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry" is an in-depth exploration of the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional culture, and also an artistic project which combines cultural education with children's music. Zhao Lin, the producer, said, "The creation of Tongyun in Ancient Poetry is a process from"ego"to"ego". We need to create music for our children and for the children of the Chinese nation. We hope that through these works, they can have their own views on ancient poetry and Chinese traditional culture. The understanding left a deeper impression. "

  After the performance, many audiences still lingered in the theatre, and parents exchanged feelings with each other. A mother of two said, "Before their children most disliked reciting poems, but this time after the performance, the children actually remember a lot of poems that had not been remembered before and volunteered to learn more ancient poems." "The greatest significance of this performance is to let everyone have the most intuitive and profound understanding of ancient poetry and Chinese traditional culture. Although children grow up in the current multi-cultural environment, they can go further without forgetting their origins."

  Indeed, as the parents say, tranquility can make a long journey, and the national is the world. Following the successful conclusion of the Music Salon of "Ancient Poetry and Children's Rhyme" and the first Poly Parent-Child Art Festival, Poly performances will continue to play its strengths and advantages in "original production, performance operation, large-scale event organization and planning" in the future development, creating more diversified and high-quality cultural and art works, popularizing to foreign countries. Chinese traditional culture tells the world the story of China.