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Beethoven's Guqin adventures opened the cultural crossing journey, causing the popularity of word of mouth.

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2018/09/10 15:10
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  Yesterday, August 5, the second blockbuster of the Poly Parent-Child Art Festival, "The Adventures of Beethoven's Guqin" finally opened the veil of mystery to all of us, the small script and many audiences, with excitement, watched the play, and can not wait to recommend it to friends of all ages who like the parent-child musical.

  The atmosphere of the performance was warm, and the children in the interactive section were eager to have a dialogue with the music master who had come from history. There was a wave of applause in the audience.

  After the performance, the children lined up to take a group photo with the actors in front of the big backboard, and the children held the corner of Beethoven for a long time.

  With the premiere of yesterday's closing ceremony, the audience spontaneously recommended each other, for this parent-child musical set off a wave of popularity and word-of-mouth craze.