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"The little bit in the Imperial Palace" premiered successfully.

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2018/09/10 15:07
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  On August 3, the first Chinese parent-child play "Little Point in the Forbidden City" with a cultural and educational theme, created by Beijing Poly Performing Co., Ltd., opened its doors to the first "Poly Parent-child Art Festival". The audience at the theatre is huge, and the children are enthusiastic. I believe this surprising performance has left a deep impression on everyone.


"Little Butty in the Forbidden City" takes "the dignity of cultural relics" as the theme. Through interesting fairy tales, fantastic stage effects and exquisite costume modeling, it subtly brings children into the world of historical relics and feels the profound and profound Chinese traditional culture.


 The audience enjoyed the play attentively and interacted with the actors from time to time, pushing the atmosphere of the performance to a climax several times throughout the evening. At the end of the performance, the children, who are still in the mood, are led by their parents to take pictures with the actors in front of the big backplane, which is enough to show their heartfelt love for the performance. Through this wonderful performance, I believe that audiences of all sizes will respect cultural relics, history and life more.