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Cai Guoqing sang the theme song of "the little bit in the Imperial Palace" to help Pauli children's Art Festival.

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2018/09/10 15:03
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  Recently, Cai Guoqing, a singer from the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, was invited to join the Pauli Parent-Child Art Festival to sing the theme song for the opening opera of the festival, Little Butty in the Forbidden City. Yesterday, Cai Guoqing and his beloved son Cai Xuanzheng came to the recording studio to record the theme song. In the recording process, Cai uses his unique warm and moist voice, and Cai Xuanzheng's beautiful children's voice, which injects a new vitality into the song.

  The Forbidden City, as a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, has been baptized for thousands of years, bearing the profound national spirit and cultural blood of the Chinese nation. This parent-child play with the theme of the Forbidden City also hopes to bring the traditional culture edification and Enlightenment to children in the form of teaching and enjoyment. Teacher Cai Guoqing, who has a deep love for Chinese traditional culture, also shared his views and Thoughts on the profound Chinese civilization and the guidance and education of youth culture with everyone after recording.

  "Chinese traditional culture needs no innovation."

  It's very precious to inherit the original flavor. "

  McLuhan, a famous communicator, once pointed out that with the rapid development of modern culture and media, the whole world has become a "global village" and the world culture has become more diverse. In such a cultural field, children in today's society are facing a second Yuan, Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other foreign cultural attacks, how on earth should Chinese traditional culture break through the "marginalized" barrier, and return to the hearts of children? Regarding this worry, Mr. Cai Guoqing said that excellent culture is for the world to share, not because we cherish traditional culture, to prevent children from absorbing the essence of foreign culture. "Children should have the heart of culture and the heart of world harmony, but no matter how much our children like foreign culture, we must not forget that we are the descendants of Chinese culture. Our foundation is in Chinese traditional culture. "

  As Mr. Cai Guoqing said: "Chinese traditional culture does not need innovation, the original inheritance is very precious." In the process of internationalization, we need to keep all the rivers and streams and protect ourselves. What is the basis for the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture? Cai said, "the source of traditional culture is in the Imperial Palace."

  "Chinese traditional culture is elite culture.

  The source of elite culture is in the Imperial Palace.

  The singing of the theme song of the parent-child drama "Little Butty in the Forbidden City" not only shows Mr. Cai's superb and profound musical attainments, but also reflects his personal complex to Chinese cultural traditions. In Mr. Cai's view, "the essence of Chinese traditional culture in the Palace Museum, is passed down by the emperors of the past dynasties, where is the closest to the essence of culture, so parents should usually take their children to the Palace Museum, to the museum, to feel the charm of the essence of culture." Cai also pointed out that "the lyrics of this song'the Palace Museum lights a lamp', very consistent with the cultural theme, the Palace Museum lights the lamp, is the lamp of cultural heritage."

  In Mr. Cai's small home, the furniture and objects on display are simple Chinese, usually, he will let Qing Qing sit in a circle chair, writing homework in Chinese style. "I hope that children can feel the tension of elite culture inherited from the distant ancient times and from the source of culture in the imperceptible environment and in these objects with a profound history," Cai said.

  "Zero reward" is a personal choice.

  Market needs benign operation "

  It is commendable that this singing of the theme song of the parent-child drama "Little Butty Point in the Forbidden City", Mr. Cai and Qingqing joined in completely zero pay to help children's art and cultural undertakings. As a singing artist of both virtue and art, Mr. Cai Guoqing's practice shows his precious personal feelings. "I was also born as a children's play before, and this time I chose to participate in the children's play Little Butty in the Forbidden City, which is also my personal reward for the Chinese traditional culture that nurtured me."

  At the same time, for the current situation of children's drama, children's music market is still vacant, Cai said: "Parents and children should establish awareness of paying for children's drama, children's music." "I choose to join the artistic career of my own choice, but this is only my personal behavior, to maintain the healthy operation of the market, just love is not enough, or have a sound market mechanism as a guarantee, so that more people will be involved in In the creation of children's drama and children's music.

  Respect and care for everyone, respect for every object around us, respect for the passage of time, these are not only the precious qualities of teacher Cai Guoqing and Ai Ziqing, but also the "small point in the Forbidden City" this parent-child play wants to convey to us the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. As one of the blockbuster repertoires of this year's Poly Parent-Child Art Festival, the play will land at the Poly Theatre in Beijing on August 3 and 4. Meanwhile, from August 3 to 12, there will be four parent-child plays: Little Point in the Palace Museum, Chamber of Energy, Adventures of Beethoven's Guqin and Adventures of the Time Kingdom of Bean Music Stage Opera. Meet the audience during the Art Festival and feel the charm of history and culture at all times and in all over the world.

  In the cultural environment of "World Great Harmony", "harmony but difference" is especially valuable. "Difference" is not only to have a cultural "inclusive heart", but also to trace the origin of "the original traditional culture of preserving." Only in this way can poet Holderlin say "poetic dwelling on the earth".