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Work together with "ancient poetry Tong Yun" team to launch poetry and theme repertoire to create a brand of Sinology culture.

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2018/09/10 15:01
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  hinese classical poetry and folk songs, instrumental music culture broad and profound, contains thousands of years of national spirit and cultural characteristics, is the core of Chinese traditional culture. The creative team of "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry" combines ancient poems with Chinese traditional culture and Chinese national music culture to create a number of ancient poems and songs for children, and actively promotes the development of children's music and culture in China and inherits the traditional culture.

  "Ancient Poetry and Children's Rhyme" is a music album based on classical poetry collected in primary and secondary school textbooks. Zhao Jiping, honorary chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association and famous musician, acts as an art consultant. Zhao Lin, a famous composer of the Song and Dance Troupe of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, leads a number of young composers to form a creative team. An album of ancient poetry and songs featuring Chinese traditional culture. In the compilation of the songs, traditional folk music and modern techniques are combined to spread in classical music, and traditional poetry works such as "Shi Zhi Shang", "Shan Ju Qiu Fu", "Fu Fu Fu", "Ru Meng Ling", "Tian Jingsha Qiu Si" are integrated into classical music to guide children to know more about the elements of Chinese classical music. And China's excellent cultural symbols.

  Poly performance in combination with the current diversified cultural environment, the creation team of "ancient poetry and rhyme" to create a "ancient poetry and rhyme" public welfare performance project, aimed at our young people to create a real child-oriented music and cultural works. With the theme of "children's rhyme singing ancient poems, music chanting classics", adhere to the creation principle of "children as the center" and make full use of modern popular techniques combined with traditional national music elements, the artistic conception of Chinese classical poetry culture and beautiful music collide with a new spark.

  In order to better promote the development of the brand of Tongyun, Poly's performance will also organize "Tongyun Art Troupe of Ancient Poetry" with the creative team, so that more children will have the opportunity to "sing ancient poems, chant Chinese studies", and exercise themselves in the performance, to harvest knowledge in classical poetry. At the same time, in response to the call of "culture going out" of the country, the use of poetry and music in the form of breaking language barriers, promote international cultural exchanges, so that the rich traditional cultural connotation of ancient Chinese poetry carried in the world more widely disseminated, the more national, the more the world.

  Through the launching of the project "Children's Rhyme of Ancient Poetry", the classical Chinese poetry will be presented in a more abundant form of artistic expression, forming a strong dissemination momentum, meeting the needs of children in the new era for songs, promoting the development of children's music, and fostering children's aesthetic and cultural confidence.

  Beijing Poly Performance Co., Ltd. is one of the largest performing companies in China as a cultural state-owned enterprise. It has won the Mandarin Award, the Chinese Arts Festival and other national awards. It is also an important mission and responsibility to help the development and inheritance of traditional culture.

  The Music Salon of "Ancient Poetry and Children's Rhyme" will land at Beijing Poly Theatre on August 12 to meet the audience as a public service performance unit of the first Poly Parent-Child Art Festival. At the same time, children will appreciate the beauty of classical Chinese poetry and traditional culture.