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DuanJin, a drama starred by Zhang Guoli, won him best actor for ‘One Drama Presentation’

2018/05/30 10:57
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  On May 23, the prize-offering ceremony for ‘One Drama Presentation’, a heavyweight reward for Chinese drama world, was held in Shanghai Jing’an Modern Theater valley. With the character of ‘Fu Xiaolian’ in DuanJin, the drama, Zhang Guolin won the ‘Best Actor of the Year’.

  In the prize-offering spot, Zhang Guolin delivered a speech and indicated that he used to win ‘Plum Blossom Prize’ decades ago, and that his winning of the reward with Duan Lin was ascribed to the best work created by Zou Jing that brought ‘iron trio’ together. He also expressed his thanks to the concerted efforts by Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin.

  DuanJin, the drama, was invested and produced by Poly Performing. It made its debut in the stage of Beijing Poly on August 3, 2017. With its fancy play and exquisite performance by three performers, the drama got its ticket ssold out and won surging reputation and wide praise. With ‘DuanJin effects’ and ‘iron trio’ showing up on the stage of drama, it became the focal point for theaters throughout the country.

  Created by Zhou Jing, playwright of Ji Xiaolan, The Bronze Teeth, the drama narrates the story of three men who never knew one another before against the background of a shattering Kingdom of Qing Dynasty in early 20th century. They demonstrated stories of love and hatred in Dong’an Market of the old Beijing.

  ‘Fu Xiaolian’, the actor starred by Zhang Guoli, was a rich kid whose family was in a straitened circumstance. He would demonstrate adherence to moral principle and integrity of a gentleman. ‘Fu Xiaolian’ who had been going through ups and downs in life, would properly handle with life and human feelings. He had a more peaceful outlook on life. This intensely-contradicting character was soundly performed by Zhang Guoli. He was worthy of the honor as the ‘Best Actor’.

  As a cultural company under the Central Government, Poly Performing would aim at launching outstanding original plays each year. With practice on a series of dramas by famous directors, playwrights and stars including Yinding Bridge, Waiting for Godot by Three Sisters, Lurking, DuanJin and so forth, it has formed a mature model on investment, performance, production and tour performance. It is propelling exploration of original dramas as a major cultural course throughout the country. Launching and prize-winning of Duan Lin adds another outstanding work to its industry model of original performance.