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Nationwide tour performance of Lurking, the Drama, kicks off and tickets are difficult to get by

2018/05/30 11:22
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  On May 26, tour performance of Lurking, the Drama, throughout the country officially started. It made its premier show in Wuhan Qintai Big Theater. Audience from 23 cities including Chognqing, Yichun, Xiamen, Wenzhou and so forth can watch the drama in Poly Theater. It is known that tickets are hard to get by in Wuhan, Chongqing and other places. It is indicative of the audience’s expectation for the drama.

  Its sound reputation was amplified with its first premier in Beijing. The three main performers released their profound feeling towards the play firsthand. Microblog of celebrities would add impetus to the drama by interacting with fans and sharing their impression on Lurking, the Drama. Bigwig We Media also publicized their vote on the play on their platform. Its reputation continuously surged and it grabbed the sound performance of both box office and reputation.

  [Publicity by the main performers via Microblog]

  [Publicity by celebrities and We Media]

  [reputation accumulation by bigwigs in We Media]

  The success of Lurking, the Drama, marks maturity on IP development, creation of original plays, tour performance in theaters and so on in Poly Performing. It is also the result of cooperation between Poly and Jia Hui Ben Mo. It can’t be done without vigorous support by its partners (including the internet financial platform under A-stock listed company of ‘Qian Bao Finance’, a company with ten-billion Yuan of market value. Add to ‘Qian Bao JR’, its WeChat account, to dig into more details, ‘Luo San Cai’ sponsored by cheongsam, ‘Mu Lan Customization’ sponsored by Chinese Tunic Suit and Business Suit). You are expected in Poly Theater for Lurking from May to August. Let’s spend our days together in the sweltering summer days.