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Cinderella, the Chinese version of Broadway music drama
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Cinderella, the Chinese version of Broadway music drama

一个伴你成长的经典故事一段重新演绎的梦幻篇章 九项托尼奖提名全球数十个国家地区上演首演半个世纪以来唯一百老汇独家授权中文版 音乐剧《灰姑娘》中文版2018年华丽降临上海站  2018年5月24日-6月3日上汽·上海文化广场票价:880/680/480/280/180/80 北京站 2018年6月8日-6月18日北京保利剧院票价:880/580/380/280/180/100

  A classical story for you

  A dreamlike chapter that is replayed

  Nine nominations for Tony Reward

  Performed in over 10 countries worldwide

  Since its debut half a century ago

  It is the only authorized Chinse version of Broadway

  Chinese edition for Cinderella, a music drama

  Is to magnificently befall in 2018

  Shanghai stop

  May 24-June 3, 2018

  SAIC Shanghai Culture Square

  Ticket fees: 880/680/480/280/180/80

  Beijing stop

  June 8-June 18, 2018

  Beijing Poly Theater

  Ticket fees: 880/580/380/280/180/100


  After being bereaved of her parents, the innocent and kind-hearted Cinderella was tortured by her cruel stepmother and two mean sisters. But Cinderella did not fall to desperation and self-pity. Instead, she used wisdom and love to help herself grow up more independent and staunch. With the help of the fairy godmother, she attended the ball launched by the prince but left a crystal shoe. The prince who wanted to meet Cinderella looked everywhere throughout the country who can wear the crystal shoe. But when the imperial bodyguards came over to her home, she was no present.

  A new version of Cinderella

  Independence and growth all the way

  ‘The world has countless versions of Cinderella. Each culture contains one story about it. But in this version, it’s about a new story that was never narrated before.’

  It is a romance story about growth and change. In the earliest version, Cinderella didn’t have much to say about her own life and she often changed her life shift for others. This version vastly contrasts the previous ones in independence and growth of Cinderella. With the help of the fairy godmother, she and the prince fell in love and she gradually came to know that her fate was in her own hand rather than in the hand of others.

  --Kevin Wallace, originality and consultant producer

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