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Premier show of Lurking, the drama starred by celebrities, drew praise, a sky play opened with joy

2018/05/17 15:48
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  In the evening of May 16, Lurking, a drama jointly produced by Beijing Poly Performing Co., Ltd., Jia Hui Ben Mo cultural Art Creation Co., Ltd. was opened in Beijing Poly Theater. The first show lasted around two hours with inter-laced scenes. Free from deliberate performance, all scenes were soundly performed. With thrilling and intense sceneries and laughing stocks, the spy drama showed novelty and won over approval and applause from the audience.

  New interpretation to the novel and explanation in its drama version

  Adapted from the novel with the same name, Lurking, the Drama, was edited by Lei Ting and Jin Ge, directed by Jiang Tao and Huang Kai and starred by Hong Jiantao, Hu Ke, Bao Wenjing, Fan Yulin, Zhang Nan, Zhang Jianxin, Wang Feng, Li Xinxin, Ma Xiaochuan, Sun Shenghao, Mei Baolai and Li Ao.

  One of its characteristics was subversion of roles. It was unfolded from the perspective of the heroine by positioning Cui Ping under the traps by the foes with Yu Zecheng helping her from behind. It brought out the mind and unswerving combative spirit in wars of a female revolutionist. At the same time, it put love story between Yu Zecheng and Cuiping as the starting line. Their clashes and determination to live up to their mission moved the audience. Though Lurking, the drama, is a new interpretation of the original novel and a new structural mean for the story, both reflect the same patriotism and sentiment towards the country.

  Its second characteristic was its ‘drama elements’. When compared with the intense lines and jostling among people imprinted in people’s mind, its drama version demonstrated some dramatic flavor. Its scene realized clashes and counterbalance. According to Jiang Tao, ‘though its theme is by no means simple, it actually has a dramatic ending when measured from the course of history. Drama is a proper way to tackle with it. Narration of the story in the drama style is not to show disrespect to history. Rather, it is to ask people to memorize history.’ The deliberately-designed laughing stocks would amuse the audience to the full. Frequent presence of ‘burnt cakes’, the toys, would bring Yu Zecheng and Cui Ping closer with interesting lines. Lurking, the drama, is interpreted in a drama way from an astounding sky play. With laughter, the audience would sense the greatness of revolutionists. It is widely lauded.

  Hong Jiantao performs the new version of Yu Zecheng, two versions of ‘Cui Ping’ bring different sparkles

  Different from previous characters, Yu Zecheng starred by Hong Jiantao is dramatic in itself. The inborn ‘stature advantage’ subverted Yu’s prudence. It demonstrated ample jolly atmosphere in the touch-and-go intense situation. Two co-existing characters are glistened with sparkles on the stage. With both tragedy and joy, it is both fun and interesting. Two versions of Cui Ping starred by Hu Ke and Bao Wenjing also give rise to different sparkles. Cui Ping starred by Hu Ke is born vixenish and her bold character was brought out to the full on stage. But she was contradictory in face of love and the emotional tension would be thought-provoking. This conflict and tension is quite interesting and is not intentionally made by the audience. The version starred by Bao Wenjing, on the other hand, is innocent and dauntless. Her performance on stage subverts her previous introvert image. She soundly handles with love. Frank as she is, she is not deprived of the reserved feeling towards love. Neither feminine nor artificial, she tackles with the character in a proper way.

  It is noteworthy to mention Da Jun, the supporting role for the play. Team Head Ma starred by Fan Yulin is aggressive. Station Head and his wife starred by Zhang Nan and Zhang Jianxin are soundly portrayed. Zi Xia and Bai Weiwei starred by Sun Shenghao and Mei Baolai, two young performers, manifest female charms.

  ‘Love in lurking and spy play in love’. Lurking, the drama, shows ups and downs in its sceneries. It tells a spy story but draws enough laughing matter. Clashes among spies and maneuver with people engaged in counterreconnaissance are demonstrated to the maximum. The sound effect and penetrating lines add radiance to its excellence. It both manifests individualistic images of revolutionists, it also involves the audience to the war without fireworks. The audience would get drenched in their reminiscence of the past life, they also have different experience and gaining with its new adaption.

  It is known that Lurking, the drama, is to be performed in Beijing Poly Theater till May 19. Hu Ke will star the heroine on May 16 and May 17 and Bao Wenjing will perform on May 18 and 19.