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Poly Performing and Tencent video reached IP cooperation and presented in China Cartoon Festiva

2018/04/27 16:03
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  The 14th China International Cartoon Festival.

  On April 25, release conference of the 14th China International Cartoon Festival was held in Jianguo Hotel in Binjiang Baimahu, Hangzhou. This round of carton festival is more internationalized when compared with previous rounds. Organizations and companies from 85 countries and regions attended the conference. With celebrities and famous companies aggregating, it would serve as wind vane for industrial development.

  In this forum, Poly Performing and Tencent Video entered into the agreement on strategic cooperation on derivative businesses of children’s drama on the release day of the IP with ‘enlightening cartoon in China’ as the theme held on the 26th. They also established planning on branded strategic cooperation. In the future development, Poly Performing will adapt many cartoon IP contents into dramas and engage in tour performance throughout China.

  Bean Children’s Songs, a carton masterpiece broadcasted in Tencent Video, is to the developed into Adventure of King Time, Bean’s Drama, by Poly Performing. It is to make its debut in its first parent-child art festival of Poly in 2018.

  Strategic cooperation between Poly Performing and Tencent Video will give rise to a growing number of fine IP, quicken conversion of IP, extend more diversified methods and provide more profound full-industry marketing cases to people. Carton content of Tencent video will head towards the diversified, vertical and segmented orientation. It also signifies that domestic cartoon industry is heading towards the refined and comprehensive tendency. With eruption in various video content forms covering films, Tv plays, online films and internet plays, cartoon industry with teenagers as the targets has boomed against the macro setting of ‘rising domestic cartoon’.

  In this marketing setting, the potent alliance between Poly Performing and Tencent Video will sure bring about more reference and imagination room to the industry. They will help cross-border cooperation of carton industry and performing industry to march towards the better.