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Poly Performing and BMG, an international top-notched music copyright management company, reached the strategic cooperation

2018/05/02 11:42
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  Beijing, February 8, 2017-Poly Performing and BMG, an international top-notched music copyright management company, officially announced that they reached strategic cooperation on introduction of overseas performers and internationalization of indigenous performers.

  This step of cooperation would open a major tunnel for opening overseas market and for introducing international A-list performers to the Chinese market.

  After signing of the cooperation clauses, the two parties will thoroughly put into force the strategic idea of ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ and ‘21st Maritime Silk Road’, offer opportunities of overseas performance for domestic outstanding performing teams and individuals, jointly launch concerts in China for top-class overseas performers under BMG so as to put music as the bond to spur cultural exchange and cooperation between China and other countries, carry forward Silk Road spirit, carry forward Silk Road culture and create good humanistic conditions for ‘One Belt, One Road’ building. The first-batch results for this cooperation would be demonstrated in 2017.

  As one of the pillar companies on culture industry for Poly Group, Poly Performing is dedicated to carrying out exchange and operation on cultural activities between China and the world. Poly Performing has hitherto successfully held hundreds of large-scaled performance including National Tour Performance for Disney Living Theatre, National Tour Performance for London Symphony, Concert of Whitney Huston, an international star singer, Concert of Backstreet Boys in Beijing and Beijing International Music Festival.

  BMG is an international top-notched company on copyright management of music under Bertelsman Group. It has copyrights for recording of over 600,000 songs by such singers as Janet Jackson, Rick Astley, blink-182, Scorpions, Kylie Minogue, Black Sabbath and so forth as well as copyright of around 1.9 million songs by A-list stars such as David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Bruno Mars, Roger Waters,, John Legend, Pitbull, Robbie Williams, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Yu Quan and so forth. BMG reached sole strategic cooperation with Alibaba in 2014. In 2016, it launched Sound Lab for Wu Yifan, a popular singing star in China.

  Zhuo Hong, Board Member and General Manager of BMG (China District) put it, ‘This cooperation is both innovative and subversive. As a mew music company, BMG has been constantly attempting various types of cross-border fusion with new music businesses after its return to China in 2014. Cooperation with Poly Performing is one of its moves. BMG has many overseas musicians. With the help of rich industrial experience and global strategic layout in Poly Performing, it expects to extend the Chinese market for overseas top-notched musicians and offer a more direct and convenient cooperation platform for Chinese musicians including musicians of ethnic minorities.’

  Chen Ke, General Manager for Poly Performing, said, ‘As the fourth largest copyright company in the world, BMG has rich copyright and resources of overseas artists. It is dedicated to development of music education. It chimes with the spirit on cross-border and trans-culture exchange recommended by ‘One Belt, One Road’ and strategic goal of Poly Performing. We also hope that this international cross-border cooperation would create more ample cultural content and values to music fans both home and abroad.’