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2016-2017 Poly Jimo Old City Ballad Festival
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2016-2017 Poly Jimo Old City Ballad Festival


  On October 2, 2016, the first Poly Jimo Old City Ballad Music Festival was launched in the thousand-year-old city of Jimo. The activity spanned three days. Artistic performances were held on October 2 and 3 in the main venue of Jimo. On October 4, it was held in the branch venue of Haiquan Bay Resort Village. The music seminar was held on the 3rd day. It had 18 performing activities and drew over 20,000 viewers. The old city registered a flow of people of 376000. In the two-day performance in the main venue, young and old ballad singers and music band including Lao Lang, Shui Mu Nian Hua, Zhang Lei, Diu Huo Che, New Travel, Zhang Qianqian and so forth respectively showed many classical works. A heated scene of chorus showed up for the first time. Jixiang Trio, Sun Hao and other famous singers also attended performance in the evening gala in branch venue of Haiquan Bay on October 4.


  On October 1, 2, 3 and 5, 2017, four-day second ‘Poly Jimo Old City Ballad Festival’ Cultural Performing Activity was held in the old city of Jimo. The ballad forum activity with ‘history of domestic ballad’ as the theme was held on the 3rd day. 10 heavyweight ballad musicians including Luo Dayou, Ma Di, Wan Xiaoli and so forth showed up on stage. The old city drew a passenger flow of 400,000 people in between and drew sound social reverberation.

  On the one hand, the ballad festival in the old city added vibrancy and vim to the old city of Jimo through cross-field fusion, brought extreme joy to citizens and produced the effects of co-progress of culture, travel and business. On the other hand, it chimed with the development tendency of domestic on-spot music and appealed to a wider base of young consumers to come over to the old city. The four ballad festivals yielded around 400,000 passengers to the old city and created the peak season with highest popularity in the old city. The ballad festival added glamor to the old city and offered valuable exploration to fusion of culture, tour and business and implementation model of music industry.


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