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Poly Performing and People’s Government in Dangxiong County, Lhasa, Tibet, signed the cooperation treaty on performance

2018/06/01 11:24
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  On May 29, the People’s Government of Lhasa under Tibet Autonomous Reigon held its promotion meeting on key business projects in Beijing. Guo Guo, deputy secretary and mayor of Lhasa, Xiao Zhigang, command in the Commanding Department to Assist Tibet by Beijing, Bao Jian, municipal Party committee member and executive vice mayor of Lhasa city, Qi Mei Ci Ren, vice secretary and county chief of Dangxiong County, Chen Ke, General Manager of Poly Performing and other leaders presented the meeting. Poly Performing and people’s government of Dangxiong County entered into the framework cooperation agreement on scheming, organization and implementation of cultural performance covering songs for publicity in cultural tour in Dangxiong, horse-racing music festival in Namucuotian Lake, plays in Si Ji Herbal Song Theater in Dangxiong and so forth.

  By relying on the comprehensive strength of cultural industry in Poly and combining with Dangxiong’s timing nodal point in operation of cultural tour, Poly Performing is to launch performing activities, put into effect the brand of ‘Ply ballad music festival’ and cultivate ‘Tianhu Lake Horse-racing Concert Festival’ and Si Ji Herbal Song Theater in Dangxiong. It aims at forging cultural engine for development of cultural tourism industry in Dangxiong and gradually form featured development model combining ‘culture, business and travel’ in Dangxiong.

  The cooperation would drastically spur upgrading of its operational competence on cultural tour in Dangxiong, draw more domestic tourism resources to keep an eye on, experience and access Dangxiong. At the same time, it would quicken fusion and development of cultural travel in Dangxiong, spur consumption of cultural tourism, enrich people’s entertainment life and propel cultural interaction among Dangxiong, Lhasa and the inland.

  Ye Xiaosong, assistant to the General Manager, signed the agreement with Qi Mei Ci Ren, county chief of Dang Xiong County, on behalf of Poly Performing Co., Ltd.