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Corporate Events

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  Zhang Xinzhe's Beijing Concert

  Year 2002

  David Copperfield 2002 China Tour

  Year 2003

  The Kings Concert

  Water show large water laser fireworks show

  Year 2004

  David Copperfield 2004 Final Magical Journey

  London Symphony Orchestra Centennial Celebration Concert

  Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert

  Backstreet Boys Beijing Concert

  Whitney Houston's Beijing Concert

  China Philharmonic Hong Kong Concert

  Year 2005

  "Out of Print Youth" Xu Wei's 10-year personal concert

  Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra tour

  The first Beijing Pop Festival

  Year 2006

  Disney Play "Winnie the Pooh" China Tour

  The 2nd Beijing Pop Festival

  Year 2007

  Yuri-Bashmit with Moscow Soloist Orchestra

  Christmas Eve Music Feast

  London Symphony Orchestra 2007 China Tour

  Fairytale World Carnival

  China-Italy Closing Concert: No one sleeps tonight

  The Latin dance is crazy - shocking salsa

  Italian Skara Ballet - A Midsummer Night's Dream

  Auntie Modern Dance Company of Italy

  The Third Beijing Pop Festival

  Flamenco Dance Show "Gypsy Wedding" China Tour

  The 4th Beijing International Drama ● Dance Season -

  Tibetan fans, Mood for Love, Cinderella

  Year 2008

  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Shanghai Concert

  2008 Chinese Philharmonic New Year Concert

  Venus Dance "Sea Tango"

  French Lido style show "Paris Hua Yu"

  Drama "Red Rose and White Rose"

  Disney's Three Classic Fairytale Stage Plays

  Chinese Acrobatic Troupe - Yi Pin 13 Jue

  Kunqu Opera: West Chamber

  Kunqu Opera House of Changsheng

  Sichuan Opera "Li Yaxian"

  The 5th Beijing International Drama ● Dance Season

  - Venus modern dance, passion flamenco, a generation of Tianjiao

  2008 Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Park Xiangyun

  Theatre Large-scale Literary and Art Activities 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

  Yuncun Shengqi Square Literary and Art Activities

  2008 Taimiao "Olympic Countdown to 100 Days" Large Text

  Art activities.

  "To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities·Jianshan Carnival 2008"

  Type public performance

  2008 China Mobile Wireless Music Awards Ceremony

  Youth Idol drama "Struggle" drama version

  Xi'an Datang Furong Park Ancient Capital City Thirteen Fighter Design and Production

  Beijing, Chengdu Happy Valley large float design and production

  Year 2009

  The Closing Ceremony of the 11th National Games of "Brilliant Memories"

  Art Performances

  2009 World Stamp Exhibition and Luoyang Peony Festival Opening Ceremony show

  "Confidence in China, the descendants of the dragon -

  Jackie Chan and his friends "2009 Beijing Big Concert

  Theme Party in Memory of the 90th Anniversary of the May 4th Patriotic Movement in 2009

  "Song of Youth"

  Lijiang Wuhu Theme Theater

  Drama "Struggle"

  German New Voice China Regional Competition

  VGL video theme concert

  Children's play "Chibi Maruko"

  Jay Chou Foshan Concert

  The 2009 Good Carnival Charity Performance

  Lang Lang Piano Recital

  Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe Tours France

  Spanish Flamenco Dance Performance

  Beijing Opera Rigolet

  Drama "Let Love Understand"

  The 6th Beijing International Drama ● Dance Season

  Year 2010

  Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra Tianjin Concert

  Staying in the Years - Reuniting Teresa Teng Concert

  London Symphony Orchestra Concert 2010

  Korean Bubble Show

  Global Spring Festival Gala Agents and Programs

  Xinjiang Hami Large-scale Party

  Commemorate the Grand Music Festival "Ode to Peace" of the Opium War

  2010 Xinjiang Arts Troupe Song and Dance National Tour

  2010 London Symphony Orchestra China Tour

  "Missing at Midnight" drama tour

  Argentine tango

  Chongqing Poly Theatre Old Song Concert

  Year 2011

  Opening and closing of Shenzhen 26th World University Games

  Curtain-style large-scale theatrical performance

  Large-scale live performance "Wuhu"

  Original musical "Sanmao wandering" (Sanbao Music Studio)

  Asha Club Event Planning

  Queensland Ballet "The Little Mermaid"

  Children's play "Pig Man"

  Jishan Carnival Show

  Drama "Red and White Wedding" in the play version

  Year 2012

  Original musical "Steel's Piano" (Sambo Music Studio)

  Jeff Chang - "Vacant Time" Concert

  Introducing the original musical "Notre Dame de Paris"

  Original musical "Sanmao Rogue"

  Guangliang - Love Song begins concert here

  Yang Kun Concert

  Yu Quan Concert

  Wuhan Superstar Concert

  Mayday Concert

  Year 2013

  Original musical "Wang's Long March"

  Large-scale music and dance drama "Avalokitesvara"

  Year 2014

  Original musical "Wang's Long March" tour

  Children's musical "Dream Cat"

  Taiwan National Orchestra Tour

  Chen Chusheng Beijing Concert

  Year 2015

  Original play "Silver Ingot Bridge"

  "Sea Pianist" mini concert

  Peace - Time · My Concert

  Sky City - Joe Hisaishi and Hayao Miyazaki Anime Works Video Concert

  Kiku Jiro's Summer - Hisaishi Jean Piano Dream Tour Concert

  The drama "Ghost Blowing Lights"

  Jiang Yuheng - "My Friends and I" Concert

  Year 2016

  Korean original musical "washing clothes"

  The musical "The Sound of Music" Chinese

  The musical "Humen Smoke"

  Children's play "The Wizard of Oz"

  Children's play "The tiger mother cat dad"

  The First Poly · Jimo City Folk Festival

  Royal Shakespeare Theatre Site Project "RSC Live"

  Year 2017

  Drama "Broken Gold"

  Children's play "A Brief History of Time"

  Children's play "Shan Hai Jing"

  Children's play "The Old Man and the Sea"

  Children's play "Little Prince"

  Children's play "Mozart Magic Concert"

  Broadway Multimedia Play "Spring Moonlight Night"

  The 2nd Poly | Jimo Town Folk Festival

Corporate Events