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Human Resources


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  Marketing Specialist

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Plan the direction of market operations and develop marketing plans;

  2. Formulate marketing programs, marketing activities, and supervise the progress of implementation;

  3. Assist in the management of online and offline work in the market, including marketing planning and ticket sales;

  4. According to the company's marketing strategy to complete various types of publicity and promotion and copywriting work;

  5. With market development capabilities, able to independently develop customers;

  6. Conduct market research and analysis, study the development status of peers and industry, conduct regular market forecast and intelligence analysis, and do a good job in company project promotion.

  Job Requirements:

  1. Marketing planning or related majors;

  2. Have a certain marketing experience, give priority to understanding the art performance industry;

  3. Strong language skills, quick thinking, and strong insight;

  4. Familiar with PS software, prioritize the preparation of PPT program experience;

  5. Strong communication skills, able to accurately comprehend the requirements of leaders, and have a strong sense of teamwork;

  6. Can accept short-term business trips.

  Music Festival Production Manager

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. It has excellent creative and planning abilities for large-scale cultural performance projects, and proposes innovative and competitive planning schemes;

  2. Have excellent pioneering ideas and public relations awareness, and integrate public relations activities into the entire case;

  3. Experience in the implementation of large-scale activities to fully control large-scale or nationwide activities;

  4. Clear logic, good communication skills, excellent textual skills, ability to manipulate large-scale activities;

  5. Familiar with the large-scale activity process and complete the relevant implementation work.

  Job Requirements:

  1. There are large-scale event planning experience is preferred, academic qualifications are not limited;

  2. Have good organizational skills, have good physical fitness, mentality and team writing skills;

  3. Have good communication and coordination ability, market insight and rapid learning ability; have pioneering thinking, strong creative ability, and have accurate and unique understanding ability for the project;

  4. Have a strong ability to perform landing and the ability to solve difficulties in the face of difficulties.

  5. Can adapt to irregular business trips.

  Repertoire Manager

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assist production managers in pre-project planning, script research, project approval, etc.;

  2. Responsible for the convening of the pre-project creation and performance production coordination meeting, implementing and collating the relevant information of the meeting, and arranging the meeting records;

  3. Participate in the contract negotiation, contract signing, etc. in the early stage of project preparation;

  Participate in the budget negotiation, budget formulation work in the early stage of project preparation, and settlement work in the later stage of project operation

  4. Responsible for the communication with the project partners and the implementation of related business operations;

  5. Assist production managers in performing marketing and marketing coordination;

  6.Assist all the matters responsible for the project news and publicity, be responsible for the preparation and convening of the press conference, write and release the relevant press release, and assist in the implementation of the work related to the propaganda program;

  7. Responsible for performing management during the performance, tracking the entire performance to ensure smooth performance;

  Job Jequirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree or above in arts, management or related majors is preferred;

  2. Love performances, love the arts, have a high ability of art appreciation, understand the dynamics of theatrical performances at home and abroad, have a good ability of innovation and ideation, and have priority in performing arts and crafts workers;

  3. Proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, it is preferred to participate in and negotiate foreign performance projects;

  4. Careful and meticulous work, practical work, hard work, strong learning ability and ability to adapt to long-term business trips;

  5. Strong communication skills, teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility and good execution;

  6. Familiar with the use of various office applications;

  7. Strong written and copywriting capabilities.

  Artiste Recruitment Information

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for artists signing and services, providing professional consulting, service integration solutions and other related work;

  2. Responsible for coordinating the overall work of the company's artist brokerage activities and handling performance brokerage affairs;

  3. Responsible for promoting the company's artists, communicating and coordinating the relationship between customers and artists;

  4. Organize the direction of the development of the performing arts personnel, plan and implement an artist training plan;

  5. Externally contact market activities and performances, such as appearance services, plan and arrange schedules, and issue announcements;

  6. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with relevant media, responsible for the development of cooperation between the company's artists and other companies, projects, and media, and establishing and maintaining artists' cooperation channels;

  7. Have a strong ability to analyze and judge artists' commercial performances, types of endorsements and brands, coordinate the communication between clients and artists, and resolve disputes;

  8. Under the company's consolidation strategy framework, actively cooperate with the company's other business sector related work.

  Job Requirements:

  1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of experience in artist-broker related work, with successful artist brokerage experience, rich media and crew resources;

  2. Sensitive insights into the arts and culture market;

  3. Has a strong coordination and teamwork awareness;

  4. The performance broker qualification certificate is preferred.

  5 can withstand strong work pressure, adapt to overtime and travel jobs